Good morning from McDonald’s in Notting Hill! In light of it being a posh area this McD’s has nice coloured seats, leather stools and sockets to plug in your phone!! We could call it McDonald’s for business class!

I’ve just come from mass. We had all night adoration with mass at 5 a.m. which was beautiful. There are 4 teenagers sitting here near me here in McDonald’s and their conversation is piercing to the soul. Just shows that living in a posh area does not guarantee core human values such as respect!

One cannot but think of the invisible or spiritual walls that exist between those of us who love and follow Jesus and those that don’t! How in the space of 10 minutes we can go from heaven to hell and how sad Jesus must be at all these young people who do not know him!

Of course these invisible walls exist everywhere and none more than between the gay world and the church!

At times I feel like someone running to the well and taking a bucket of clear pure water which I then throw on the raging forest fire of sin!

Often it seems like it makes no difference! The flames of sin and indifference continue to burn fuelled by the anger of lust!

Talking about Jesus and purity in the gay world does not make one popular. Most people just don’t really care as the cloud of atheism and rationalism shields their hearts from even a healthy fear of God!

Meanwhile the church world goes on almost oblivious to the needs of the gay world! Like oil and water the two just don’t seem to mix!

The invisible walls don’t stop there! These walls not only separate beliefs, they also separate ages!

Once I go into any catholic church the ‘wall’ somehow ensures that the average age is at least 50. Once I leave and go to a café or a bar the average age drops exponentially!

Again I feel the pain of Jesus, thirsting for the youth to get to know Him and to experience a love that lasts longer than the passing thrill of lust.

Meanwhile cars drive by and life goes on. The invisible wall is only invisible to our human eyes! In the spiritual realm this wall is as real and visible as Donald Trump’s proposed wall to block off Mexico from the USA!

How Satan and his demons must laugh heartily at our human blindness as they snare us like a mouse going for a bit of cheese!

What terrible human and spiritual ignorance live the youth of today as they blindly enjoy life largely ignorant of its maker and its purpose!

And what an enormous responsibility and challenge we have as believers to break down these walls!

The first weapon is prayer. Spiritual walls only laugh at human strategies to break them. This is why many evangelization schemes have no success. However, these spiritual walls crumble bit by bit when we pray!

Sadly the walls are high and thick and so an enormous amount of prayer is needed to shatter them. This is why Our Lady in Medjugorje emphasises prayer so much as she sees the real roots of the problem and like any good and wise mother, she knows how to solve it!

Yet Our mother needs the help of her sons and daughters to pick up their hammers and to chip away at the wall.

So today let us not get discouraged but let us trust in the power of prayer and even if we don’t see enormous results, every soul is precious and even through a small hole in the wall can escape many children!

Our Lady, Queen of the angels and queen of heaven, pray for us and guide us to pray for those who have not yet come to know the love of God!