Good morning from London where it is raining!

The last few days have been eventful! I told Jesus I’d like to read at mass, something that I haven’t done now for 2 years between living in Croatia and being excluded in Medjugorje!

Jesus heard my prayer and Saturday evening at St Patrick’s church in Soho in the middle of the gay area I got my chance!

O how the Holy Spirit picked that reading for me!

“Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

After mass the parish priest joked with me “it wasn’t your first time to read”!!

You bet it wasn’t but how happy my soul felt to be reading for Jesus in the middle of London’s Soho area!

Saturday night the Holy Spirit sent us out in the thick of it all and Jesus seemed to guide souls to us. Scratch beneath the surface of the gay world and the pain is staggering. Suicide is everywhere and at times my prayers and witness seem so meaningless and insignificant in face of the scale of the hurts!

Still connections are made, prayers are said and we become friends on social media. The rest is up to God!!

I got home Sunday morning at about 9 a.m. and I was very tired so I went to mass where Jesus perked me up and where I prayed especially for all the guys I’d met the night before!

Today Seamus starts work in Notting Hill McDonald’s and Toni is making great progress, deepening his prayer life and working through his healing and even reading at mass too!

I bet he didn’t think a year ago before he met Jesus that in a year’s time he’d be reading at mass in London nor did we think we’d have someone join us from Croatia and give his entire life to God!

It certainly has been a journey and at times I’m proud of him like a parent for a child as I see his progress and at times I’m proud of myself and Seamus too for persevering through thick and thin and despite our faults remaining faithful to prayer and to witnessing the love and mercy of Jesus as best we can!

So what will this week have in store for us or for you? I don’t know but once again I say

“Jesus, do with me as you please”

and I encourage you all to say the same for it is in giving our life to Jesus that we find our life in Jesus and live our lives through Jesus!

Bless all!