Good morning!

Yesterday I learned of the sad news of yet another gay-related suicide.

“We let him down” a friend said as she spoke of the lack of love and care for him that eventually overpowered the poor man.

Another family devastated, another life lost…

Recently in confession I asked a priest who said that ‘the church moves slowly” how many gay lives need to be lost before she hurries up?

So many times they try to fob me off with excuses and highlighting good things that the church is doing. I don’t for a second deny the good things but one cannot use the good things as a cop out for the bad. There is no humility or growth in that. A mother cannot justify bullying and starving one child just because she feeds the others well!

One man, a friend of Seamus’ from Northern Ireland is not afraid to put his collar on the line!

He is an anglican priest from Northern Ireland with a very big loving and pastoral heart for the gay community!

He attended the gay pride wearing his collar and not hiding. Here he is pictured with the irish primeminister or ‘Taoiseach’ as we call him in Ireland (an openly gay man).

I must say I was very proud of him for his courage and simplicity!

I know of many catholic priests who care for the gay community but I have never met one as courageous as Andrew.

At the moment in Medjugorje there is ‘youth fest’ where young people from all over the world gather and many have amazing conversion experiences.

Yet my concern is for the LGBT youth who often struggle to find their place at these events which never seem to adequately address their situation.

It is not by ignoring the problem that it will disappear and I think our catholic priests and bishops could learn a lot from Andrew!

‘We are sorry”.

It takes humility and simplicity to say it and isn’t this what we would expect from the bride of Christ?

Our catholic church needs to address this issue right around the world from the pope to the cardinals to the bishops to the priests.

Every country, every city, every town, every parish, every family is affected by this issue. Catholic LGBT people are everywhere and will not just disappear.

We are baptised members of the catholic church too in need of acceptance, prayer, love and support. We are not monsters, we are not dangerous, we are not evil.

Talk to us, heal our wounds and show us Jesus.

Well done Andrew, very proud of you!