When I lived in Australia I saw a book with an interesting name; “falling forwards”

The title is grabbing as it first seems like a contradiction!

The other day a lovely irish (up the irish) priest in confession quoted St Thomas of Aquanis who said

“God permits falls to prevent even greater falls”!!

If we think about it for a second it makes sense! Through our falls we learn more about ourselves and who we really are than through all our virtues!

When we fall we also get an even deeper understanding of God’s mercy and love and we realise just how weak we are and how much we need grace!

Falls humble us and help us realise that we are no better than anybody else and that without prayer and the good family we grew up in we might be worse than the worst of criminals!

Falls teach us that we don’t have to be perfect, that God is patient and doesn’t expect us to be perfect in one go!

Falls teach us that we can take no glory or credit for any virtues we do have because if God was to withdraw his grace we’d fall without stop!

Falls teach us to be loving and patient with others who are doing their best! We learn to entrust them to God’s mercy rather than making too much of a big deal out of it!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor is holiness and so we must trust in God who could make us all perfect in one go but instead likes to teach us patiently through trial and errors and yes, falls!

So don’t be afraid of falling, it’s part of growing but rather be afraid of not getting back up again by lacking trust in His mercy!!

Jesus, I trust in you!!