The other day at mass an older lady was collecting the books. She called everybody “my honeybaby”!! While I’m not used to being called “baby” it did remind me of Britney spears and her first song “baby one more time”.

Britney came to fame when I was about 15. Her song played over and over on the radio on the bus on our way to school. I went to school in Tulla, famous for the Tulla Ceili Band but Britney’s music was a sharp contrast to that!!

Britney’s life progressed until nervous breakdowns began to hit her, maybe I had more in common with her than I thought!!

But good on her she managed to put them behind her and continue her career!

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not an advert for Britney or her music but rather an admiration for her character.

Whether it’s Britney or Madonna it takes incredible guts to perform to the nations and face the criticism as well taste the success. The way they can dance and sing is an amazing testimony to the beauty of the human body and while often the focus is on sex, this does not lessen the talent!

At times (every day) I wish we had inspiring leaders in the church with the character and freedom of these stars, the fire, the guts, the hard work, the creativity!

You too like Britney may have gone through hard times and yet one day too you can sing to the world “I’m stronger than yesterday”!

Let nothing or nobody rob your hope and your dreams!

If Britney can come back with the help of Hollywood, how much more can you come back with the help of Jesus, Mary and the armies of heaven about you!

So yes, me too I will sing “I’m stronger than yesterday” and all glory to Jesus!

Have a great Sunday and God bless Britney that she will come to know His love for her!