Good morning friends!

So yesterday I was at the sauna where I got talking to this man who’s hair was blue and was covered in tattoos!!

He was exactly the type of man any good catholic mother would tell you to keep away from and that Jesus would ask you to speak to!

Never being much of a person for conventions, I spoke with him and we had a marvellous conversation about life! We had everyone around us laughing away!

He told me a funny story about being refused access to a venue because they said he was ”high as a kite’ and that he was horriffied as he’s never done drugs!

The blue hair and tattoos may give the wrong impression and people can be quick to judge!

They told him that he wasn’t blinking, a sign that he was high!

It reminded me of what happened with Seamus a few weeks ago when they wouldn’t let him in someplace claiming he was too drunk when he’d only had 2 small glasses of wine!

Of course I could write a book on what they think about me but God has blessed me with a great poker face when it comes to that sort of thing!

If you laugh too much they say you are high! If you cry then you must be depressed and if you sway between the 2 then you are bipolar!

If you have visions then you are schizophrenic and if the visions talk to you then you are psychotic!!

I have the rather rare privilege of having all these conditions and doing just fine!! Perhaps I too could die my hair blue in honour of Our Lady who loves blue!

But all joking aside it is sad that authentic spirituality can be so easily confused with a trip on MDMA or being nuts!

How sad the Holy Spirit must feel when we plead for Him to come and then reject what He does!

God’s love is extatic, it affects your mood, your feelings, everything! It is to be shared and not to be tamed!

God is not a pussy cat, He is a lion!

So today brothers and sisters, open your hearts wide to the Holy Spirit and worry not about others thinking that you are as high as a kite but rather worry about offending the Holy Spirit by not bringing His love, joy and freedom to those who need it the most!

Come Holy Spirit, animate my every move today so that people see you not me and through us they experience Jesus!!