Yesterday I went for a walk on Oxford Street with Toni. We had to buy some new clothes!

As we strolled along we saw these street performers:

There they were levitating effortlessly as it seemed all while smiling and eating their sandwiches!!

So either they are master spiritual gurus or they are sitting on something and just because I’m very spiritual myself does not make me a fool!

So when you don’t know you ask google and google graciously replied!

They were sitting on a well structured solid metal frame!

Applying the same logic to the universe I find it quite baffling how atheists believe that the universe is somehow held in existence by itself!

Isn’t it the same atheist that would tell you that these performers weren’t levitating but that there was a rational explanation!

To be quite frank, in my simple opinion it takes far more faith to be an atheist than to believe in God!

To somehow believe the universe made itself and looks after itself and is guiding itself requires phenomenal ‘faith’ in the universe not to mention quantum doses of gullibility!

While God made man and born in a stable 2000 years ago to a virgin is also a stretch to our rational minds I find it far easier to believe than an inexplicable big bang!

And so you see, whether we believe in God or not, we are obliged to places large doses of faith and reason in what appears to be very unlikely, improbable and irrational events!

Of course such spiritual events only appear irrational to those who have never had a spiritual experience. To those of us who know God and His ways and see Him in action in our lives on a daily basis these rationalistic ideas are nothing short of ridiculous!

So thank God for these street performers and may we all be as quick to accept the existence of God as we are to discover the metal structure that is holding them up!