Good morning from west London! We have been here now for over 2 months and what a 2 months it has been!

But going back, the inspiration to come to London came way before that! One morning as I was having my coffee in Croatia’s Split, I asked Jesus “where next?”.

He replied “London” and immediately after I looked up and saw a gigantic picture of Big Ben!

I continued to ask God for confirmations as did Seamus and they kept coming!

So we left Split, spent 3 months in Medjugorje and came here to London!

However God had a few surprises before that! We were to meet Toni, take him under our wing and get into all sorts of trouble for pleading the cause of a young trans man seeking Jesus and a new life!

As the leader of the operation I got the most criticism and the least help but you know I grew up in the irish countryside with few friends and I have never been afraid of solitude or of not being liked!

Now 2 months into London we are all so happy! Toni bought a new car from all the donations he has received from Croatia!!!

McDonalds is treating Seamus well and with his first pay he too treated himself to a little buggy!

And as the leader I must put myself last showing humility and detachment from all worldly things!

On a more serious note we have been very blessed to meet a catholic priest appointed by the cardinal to help LGBT catholics.

Fr Keith showed us Jesus allowing us to stay at his parish in Notting Hill (where we see all these cars) while we get on our feet!

It is an astounding blessing to be in a church environment where we are respected, cared for and treated with the same dignity as any other Catholics and we are extremely grateful to God, to Fr Keith and to the cardinal for their pastoral care in this challenging area!

Seamus got his McDonald’s job transferred to Notting Hill and Toni is growing every day in prayer and maturity!

As for me I’m thanking God for everything that He has done for me and is doing through me! 12 years have brought me the full circle and what seemed like a dream all those years ago is quickly becoming a reality! Every tear, every breakdown I offered to Jesus for others and what an amazing privilege to be now able to help others when only 12 years ago I wasn’t able to even eat!

And so day by day we continue to share healing and hope to the gay community and the church and build this bridge of love, mercy and understanding between the 2 communities!

We continue to need financial help to continue our mission as London can be expensive and we would like to reach more people!

If you are reading this blog and like what I write, consider donating a little something so I may continue doing what I’m doing! There is no amount too small, every £5 or even £1 counts and while we don’t need money for expensive cars we do need help to be able to eventually get our own place etc.

Also if you like this blog and what we are doing, pass it onto your friends, post in on facebook or whatever! May as many people as possible come to know or God’s merciful love for the LGBT community!

If you would like to donate there are a few ways of doing so

1. Through our Gofund page

2. A bank transfer. Simply e-mail me and I will send you bank details (

3. Western Union transfer.

4. A carrier pigeon….best stick to 1, 2 and 3 I think!

A very big thank you to each and every one of you who have helped us and believed in us up to now even when it seemed like the odds were entirely against us! You have been amazing all of you and we appreciate all your prayers and words of love and encouragement more than you can know!

So dear readers, thank you for reading. Remember with Jesus there is always hope, there is no mental illness, no sexual or gender issue beyond His love and mercy!

Have a very beautiful day and remember, only help us if you feel it in your heart and if you can afford to!

Love to all