Good morning from coffice (coffee shop office)!

First thanks to everybody who responded to yesterday’s blog. Every bit of help is valuable no matter how small.

Yesterday I was talking to a priest about what I do and specifically about talking to gay people about God!

Now I won’t name the priest (less the police get called like before) and besides he’s a very nice man and just a victim of the lack of pastoral training in this area!!

He asked me “do you meet many of them?”.

I was surprised, I’m not going about London looking for men with 3 legs or for Siamese twins! Gay’s are everywhere, of course I meet lots of them!!

I asked him if he’d ever met a transgender person. He replied ‘no’ with certainty! I smiled over to Toni, ‘there is one right opposite you’ I thought!!

To be fair he was very interested in what I am doing, just the whole area is new to him!

Then I asked him if he thought God had mercy on gays! He replied ‘maybe’!

As the word ‘maybe’ floated about my head it was like a burning match meeting oil!!

Maybe God has mercy on me and other gays, maybe God has mercy on Toni, maybe we have hope to share with other gays, maybe we won’t burn in hell surrounded with red hot flames and screams…..

Maybe Jesus didn’t die for us too, or maybe He did and so maybe we have hope …

The land of maybe is not a land of certainty and to my mathematical type mind an abominable field of doubts, fears and scruples!

There is no maybe with God and His mercy! God’s mercy is for everybody. How we respond to it is the issue but it’s existence and its certainty are absolutes!

Anyway, rather than get annoyed I saw this as an opportunity to educate the priest a bit who seemed to have forgotten the very basics of God’s love!

But it also hit me what a mission I am on, the lack of education and understanding of God not only in the gay community but also in the church itself and the desperate need for renewal of the faith and love for Jesus and understanding of His merciful and healing power!

So today, let’s not insult Jesus with our maybes but let’s look to the cross where our God bled to death in absolute freedom and certainty to save each one of us!

Pray also for the training and education of priests so they may bring the gay community to know the love and mercy of God…..maybe!! 😂😂😂

Have a great day!!