Good morning!As part of reaching out to more people I decided to reopen a facebook page!

I left facebook about 2 years ago mainly due to the diversity of friends I had and the constant disagreements they were having!

I had catholic friends and protestant friends, I had charismatic friends and non-charismatic friends, I had gay friends and straight friends and then the most difficult bunch of all friends…family!

If I posted something about Our Lady, the protestants were put out, if I spoke of the Holy Spirit the conservative Catholics began to get heartburn, if I mentioned the lack of love for gay people in the catholic church then nearly all the Catholics went wild, if I spoke of my involvement in inner healing and deliverance ministry some of the priests began to attack me and if I wrote anything about family that wasn’t flattering then I got disinherited!!!

Despite all the different groups I had, it became too complicated and the arguments that people had on my blog weren’t worth it!So I quit!!

Why then am I back?!!

Well I’m back but not as before!

1. It’s merely for evangelization

2. I won’t be replying to any comments!

3. I’m using it to reach out to as many people as possible! I already have over 1000 friends and I haven’t a clue who most of them are!

4. I will have no groups!

Already I have received many messages!

One poor guy in Bosnia contacted me looking for money! I guess he figured the ferrari was mine! Sorry mate, I’m still waiting on money to buy shoes for myself!!

As I’ve made a lot of gay friends I posted Seamus’ testimony! How wonderful it would be to bring a plane full of gays to Medjugorje for Gospa to touch them and bring them to Jesus just like she did with Seamus!

In any case we can keep praying! The love and mercy of Jesus knows no humam limits and as apostles of that love we must bravely push through into new areas of mission!

So keep us in the prayers and may as many people as possible be touched by the merciful love of Jesus!

Bless you all!