Yesterday I went for a stroll! A man gave me a leaflet for ‘Hare Krishna’. At least now I know how to write it and that it’s ‘Hare’ rather than ‘Harry’ as in ‘Harry Potter’…which one could argue isn’t a million miles removed!

So I went into a church and read the leaflet! Apparently if I chant “Hare Krishna” over and over my spirit will have an awakening and the rest will be history.

It’s sounds the same as being baptised in the Holy Spirit as the charismatics say except that you’d have Hare Krishna as your guide and not Jesus!!

I quickly threw it in the bin aware that many will be attracted by this cheap marketing and promise of peace!

I then picked up a leaflet in the church. There was the face of Jesus and the miracle prayer!

One wasn’t asked to dress like a clown and chant ‘Jesus is Lord’ to experience Jesus! No, in the silence of our hearts we can invite Him and He can come! We need no magic formulae or techniques besides just being open!

Later I met a group of the Hare Krishna’s chanting about the place! I got the impression they didn’t like me as none made eye contact.

Because of the deliverance gift God has given me it often happens that people turn away from me as soon as they see me! In reality they are being controlled by spirits and I see them and a grey sort of a film over their eyes. The spirits around them cannot stand the presence of Jesus and Mary and they begin to manifest! Most people don’t know it but demons feel pain too and they are very protective of their human hosts!

Anyway, I’ll be leaving the Harry Potters and their false peace to it and pray they meet Jesus!

So my stroll continued and a nice girl gave me a free hand cream! Just what I needed! Michael who has one bag, a toothbrush and a razor…what would he want a hand cream for!

Yet every moment is a moment to be nice so I accepted it graciously knowing there would be a bin nearby!

I’ve always looked young for my age and many people are surprised to learn that I never use moisturiser or any special creams for my face besides dihydrogen monoxide every morning (more commonly known as water!!).

And because I’ve mastered the art of looking like I might have money when I actually have none the girl invited me into the shop for a free trial (she obviously didn’t look down at my shoes)!

So I exfoliated my hands with a salt based cream and afterwards my hands were soft like silk! I spoke to her about Jesus as she was helping me!

She then showed me a product for my face and I could choose between vanilla, grapefruit and the smell of the ocean! I had no interest in walking about like a grapefruit or stinking of the sea but it was amusing!

And of course the moment I was waiting for arrived…the sales speech!

One for £45, two for £80 and the whole lot for £100!!

The poor girl! I still haven’t £20 for new runners at Primark not to mention £100 to smell like a lobster!

She was good though! ‘What’s your favourite product’….’the grapefruit one I replied’ knowing exactly where it was all going!

£45 suddenly became £35!

Haggling is so easy when you just don’t want to buy anything!

I told her that I’m a missionary and that I am looking after a young guy and that I don’t have that type of money!

She left to speak to her manager!

£35 became £25…

Now I was embarrassed for her and I also wondered if I would have been as successful in reducing the price if I actually wanted it!

The penny dropped and I left thanking her graciously as and apologising that she didn’t make a sale!

Harry Krishna had promised to clean my soul, a grapefruit with salt my body….what next I thought!!

So I continued my day giving thanks to Jesus for His presence in my life! I need no Hare Krishna or fancy creams or clothes to be happy!

I walk about with a smile wearing cheap but clean clothes and I feel great! I use no creams and people can’t tell the difference and wonder why I look so young for my age!

And what’s the answer?!

Jesus is the answer and the inner love and freedom that He gives us as He fills us from the inside out with His Holy Spirit!

So my dear friends, I leave you with the miracle prayer!!