Hello from Notting Hill’s McDonald’s! The Notting Hill Carnival is on today and the place will be jam packed with people and activity!!

This mornings Gospel is a slightly frightening one when after a lifetime of eating and drinking with Jesus and expecting to just sail into heaven Jesus replies “I do not know you”.

Who is it referring to? Well, it’s about me and you!

All of us that are regular mass goers and eat and drink the body and blood of Jesus on a daily or weekly basis will be held accountable for our lives!

If after 30 years of mass we are still hard hearted, bitter, unforgiving and jealous, then it’s easy see why Jesus would say “I do not know you”!

I came accross this very situation in Medjugorje where despite living there and having the grace to serve God and His people there, one lady was so full of bitterness and hatred towards me and then towards Seamus and Toni!

I was baffled that living in such a place and going to mass every day that someone could be so blind and full of hatred!

She of course is to be pitied and prayed for and yet she is not alone!

The Gospel today speaks very clearly of this hypocrisy and the risk of eternal damnation.

So today as christians Jesus is looking at us and our hearts and is asking us to put away our presumption and pride and to humbly go back to loving people and not judging them less we too hear on that last day “I do not know you”.

Our Lady, the humblest of all creatutes, pray for us that we may be like you!

Have a great day and I forgot to mention….I got new shoes!!!