Tuesday August 27th we celebrate the feast day of St Monica in the catholic church!

Monica is the mother of St. Augustin but Augustin wasn’t born saint, he became one!

Augustin was a man of the world and despite praying for him for years he seemed to be getting worse!

Monica however never game up and eventually Augustin came to the end of himself and discovered Jesus…

The rest is history as they say and despite already having fathered a child he went on to be a priest, a bishop and a saint!

At times I think of how my own mum used to nag me when I had given up going to mass and was immersed in the world and the terribly irony that when I did give up the world for Jesus, she wasn’t happy either!

I don’t really blame her, the way Jesus answered her prayer was so dramatic and extreme that the poor woman thought I’d lost the plot….not to mention the big salary I left behind to live poverty to the extreme.

Fortunately 12 years later she has come around and even sends me some money from her old age pension! Again what a terrible irony as she now has a salary of a kind while I don’t!

In a way she has lived her poverty already rearing 6 kids in very modest times. She never went on holiday, never thought of herself and in many ways was a saint! I can only remember her slapping me a few times and from an early age I learnt that she could protect me from the short fuse of Dad and talk him around to not beating me to death which I probably half deserved!

It’s true that after my conversion she changed as the irish ‘mental health’ system took the faith out of her faith and made her afraid of spirituality!

And there my cross was born! My own mum, the one praying for my conversion now the one telling me that I was mad!

It has been the most bitter of chalices to accept and Satan took full advantage!

But after 10 years it stopped and I thank God that my mum now accepts my life and a few months ago I had the chance to introduce her to Toni who is a living witness to the power of God’s love!

And while my soul is still healing from some of the pain, I can thank God for how far it’s come and in a sort of a way we are even!

I crucified my mum pre conversion, she crucified me after amd yet in the middle was love and misunderstandings!

So moral of the story, St Monica and St Augustin are examples to us all of perseverance in prayer and of the bond between mothers and sons!

So today if you are a mother, keep praying for your sons and if you are a son keep praying for your mother and trust that out of great pain and mistakes can come an even more glorious resurrection for God can turn even the most awful trials and injustices for the good!

St Monica, pray for us today!