Hello from starbucks! A coffee in the morning works wonders, look even Einstein made his greatest discoveries after coffee!

Over the weekend we had the Nottinghill Carnival. I must admit that I understand even less of what the carnival was about after it than before!

In summary up to a million people came to Nottinghill, the locals who were wise boarded up their houses and literally disappeared for the weekend and the show began!

I have never heard more noise in my life as ‘music’ blasted from every corner!

Sorry if this offends any of you but as I looked about it seemed like a vision of hell!!

Noise, drunkenness, drugs, rubbish everywhere doesn’t really do it for me and for those who call it a ‘cultural celebration’ I could not but think of John Paul II and how he used the term ‘culture of death’!

Of course it wasn’t all bad and we even spotted this giant cross!

But Jesus was not Lord of this carnival, that is for sure!

Poor Seamus was working in McDonald’s and came home like a zombee while Toni was reminded of his past life of smoking weed as one almost got high by going outside from the passive smoking!

Of course to the majority of people my age and younger it was excellent and these moments remind me of how counter cultural it is nowadays to live out one’s faith!

At times you can feel like a social leper and can really question what it’s all about!

It is at these times my mind drifts to places like Lourdes, Medjugorje, Knock etc. and I remind myself that I am not alone!

So today is Thursday and the carnival is well over and I have recovered!

In terms of evangelization of today’s world the task is certainly monumental and one can’t but feel the motherly cry of Our Lady of Medjugorje

‘Pray for those who do not know of God’s love yet’

Only a mother could express it with so much love and mercy and humility as she sees that even the worst of sinners is a potential future saint!

So let’s keep trusting and praying and not get discouraged. Every soul counts, every sacrifice counts, every prayer counts and while we might not save or convert the multitudes we can save and convert ourselves and the one or two that Jesus has put in our lives to help!

Mother Theresa of Calcutta, model of prayer, perseverance and suffering in the most adverse conditions. Pray for our perseverance in these Godless times!