3 months ago we arrived in London! It feels like so much longer but in a good way!

We have all fallen in love with the place and are so grateful to God!

Yesterday we went to see some of the main sights including Buckingham palace and Westminister Cathedral.

Toni bought a football and so we played a bit in the palace gardens!

London truly is a very beautiful city and we are so blessed to be surrounded by places to pray from our local parish in Nottinghill to the nearby carmelites to Tyburn Abbey to Westminister Cathedral to St. Patrick’s in Soho and also so many beautiful parks to take a break from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature!

It is wonderful to have such choice and diversity at our fingertips with mass, confession and adoration so easily available! We are truly spoilt for choice!

We have found the priests in London extremely helpful and encouraging towards us and our mission and this too is an enormous blessing!

The famous ‘Big Ben’ tower is covered over at the moment for works but we did find Ben’s little brother near the cathedral!

A big thank you to everyone we have met and to everyone who has been praying for us and helping us financially or other!

The power of Jesus knows no limits and we are so grateful for every blessing as we testify to His power to heal and transform lives in these modern times!

Bless you all with His joy today!!