Good morning!

It’s raining here while I’m enjoying a warm coffee, mass will be in an hour and I’m doing some writing! Life is simple but wonderful!

Yesterday I strolled about Kengiston and as I had a few hours free I felt guided to wander into shops where I’d usually never go!!

First was Curry’s electrical! A new Samsung Galaxy S10 for over £800! Ironically a laptop cost less than the phone! A top of the range TV for just under £3000!

So I left and went into GAP and some other clothes shops! £50 for this, £40 for that…everything seemed so expensive and not even that nice!

And then I went to Decathlon sports shop and there one could buy a pair of runners for £14! Bingo, my type of shop!

It hit me how much money ordinary people and probably some christians spend while others go hungry and are in need.

However it also hit me how little money you need if you are prepared to buy cheap!

In Primark (Penny’s in Ireland) you can get all sorts of cheap clothes and the quality is pretty good too!

Who really needs the latest iphone or Samsung? Downgrade to an older model and you can have a decent phone. I have a Samsung S5 which cost about €100 which my friends bought me for my birthday last year and unless I was going to turn into a film producer I can’t see why I’d need a better phone!

Food, the same can be said for food! For £3 at tesco I can get a drink, a good sandwich and a packet of crisps yet I see other places charge £6 for just a sandwich!

Clearly I could continue but moral of the story is that living a simple life and a life of material poverty does not mean living a miserable life or a poor life!

The opposite is true. The more we simplify things down, the more we share what we have with others, the richer we become!

We become rich in spirit, rich in understanding, rich in charity and rich in love!

We no longer see anything that we have as ours but rather that all is God’s and we are His mere agents of distribution!

We die to what others think of us and to keeping up appearances and we become individuals!

We say no to the pressures of society and we keep our inner freedom and dignity!

So today as I sit here I enjoy the rain and the music and it’s all free! If I was a millionaire would I enjoy it any better?!!

So let’s take charge of our own lives and let’s not be afraid to be living witnesses to the joy of evangelical poverty and simplicity!

Off now to mass and prayer, the true sources of joy the world will never tell you about!

Have a great day!