Good morning world and I hope you are all well!

A short while ago a friend sent me a video from an exorcist priest in America, Fr Rippirger.

I was hesitant to open it as I never usually read or watch those type of things. The early days of my own conversion was action packed with the demonic and I learnt more than enough about demons and how they work!

Anyway I opened this video expecting a long boring talk on how powerful Satan is which is only a half truth at most!

However I was pleasantly surprised at what Fr Ripperger had to say and the key points are worth sharing!

1. God is in control and by letting demons attack us we actually grow in holiness!

Ripperger pointed out that demons are aggressive and relentless and either a soul does battle with them or sinks!

So souls that are attacked by demons will pray more, will go to mass more, will get more healing prayers….

In other words they will turn into mature prayer warriors instead of middle of the road christians!

2. The area where one is attacked the most and where one sins habitually is actually the area God wishes to perfect the most!

In other words your weak spot is what God wishes to make your strong spot and so the demons target it more meaning that you have to learn to fight and focus more on this area meaning that over time you will be stronger!

They say that when someone breaks a leg that the bones set even stronger afterwards and that if it breaks again, it will not break at that place! Perhaps the same can be said in our spirits as our weak spots get extra helpings of God’s strengthening grace!

3. Demons are 100% under the power of Jesus from what they can do, how much trouble they can cause, how long they may stay etc. They are literally slaves and if God allows them to attack us for several years, it is not because they are so powerful and that no prayer or priest can get rid of them but rather that God is allowing them to stay because He has a better plan and is using them to draw us closer to Him.

While I didn’t listen to all the talk I certainly enjoyed this first section and it is an encouraging reminder to us that Jesus desires us to be aware of the demonic and how to overcome it through prayer and the sacraments if we are catholic!

Jesus desires us to be aware of His power and our nothingness and of how Satan and every demon of hell is totally under His power!

Jesus wants us to realise that without His protection which comes from prayer that demons are extremely dangerous and not to be messed with but that with His protection and grace that we do not need to be afraid!

To finish we can think of Our Lady who has no fear of Satan and can even crush his head as she allows the power of God to work through her!

So today let us all continue to grow in holiness and virtue and even give thanks to God for our vices and weakness as they are nothing but an invitation to plunge ourselves deeper into His mercy!

Jesus, help us to love you more and to believe even more in the transforming power of your grace most especially available through receiving the eucharist and regular confession.