Good morning!

Already the weather here in London is getting a little cooler as autumn is taking its place!

Tonight I will go to Soho to a catholic prayer and evangelization mission called ‘Night Fever’. Pray for it!

This brings me to the topic of my blog; Rights and responsibilities.

We live in a world where everything is about rights and precious little about responsibilies!

Of course rights are important in the sense that everybody should be given a fair shot and not be discriminated against injustly but we must also remember that in the context of the church, nobody gets a free pass to heaven but are invited to take up the challenge!

How many believe that it is their right to receive Holy Communion because God loves everybody….yet how many of these people truly love God?

Loving God isn’t about going to mass. Anybody can do that! Loving God is about surrendering ones life to God and allowing Him to guide it!

As God teaches us He gives us responsibilities and He asks us to assume them!

Some of the responsibilities God gives us include:

1. Cooperating with His grace for our lives by avoiding things such as lust, lying, gossip etc.

2. The responsibility to pray every day and to examine our behavoiur and attitudes and to seek healing and grace where we struggle!

3. The responsibility to pray for others. Yes Jesus will heal you but He also needs you to work for Him by praying for others as Our Lady tirelessly reaffirms in Medjugorje!

4. The responsibility to bring christianity into our families and if one has children to educate them accordingly!

5. Responsibility towards the community and reaching out to others.

6. Responsibility to pray for priests, especially your parish priest and also for vocations!

Clearly I could go on and on but I wonder at times if the same people who scream about their rights are equally willing to accept their responsibilities!

We cannot play solicitors with God! He’s God, we’re not and it’s either His way or the highway!!

And so today, let us assume our lives and the responsibilities that are entailed without fear and be shining examples to the church and world of christianity!

Have a responsible day!