Good morning all, Monday morning and you may still be recovering from the weekend and your head slowly adjusting to work mode!

This weekend we were very blessed to attend a catholic prayer and evangelization outreach called Nightfever!

The name is a funny one…night because it’s at night….fever, maybe it gives the devil a fever.. although from all the prayer we saw there the devil may well have had a nightmare!

The evening began in Soho at 6 pm with mass. It was well attended with a lot of young adults, something really great to see!

After mass the Blessed Sacrament was exposed and some of is were sent downstairs for a little briefing about the night!

Basically we went outside and invited passers-by into the church to light a candle and say a prayer.

Priests were there to hear confession and the church was candlelit as others prayed.

It was truly a very prayerful experience and many people came from the streets to light a candle and say a prayer!

Of course many refused too yet this too was educational as we learn how God invites rather than forces!

The night was also a great chance to meet other catholics in London and to share as well. These meetings have s way of bringing people together, something really important for people maybe struggling with their faith or with loneliness etc.

At times you can encourage someone else by just being there and you don’t have to say anything! How often are we nervous before going to something new and we need a little small talk with someone who looks ‘normal’ to reassure us!!

The evening finished with the front of the church candlelit and with night prayer. It was truly very blessed and made us all very happy and proud to be catholics!

Worth mentioning also was the tea and toasted sandwiches not to mention the cake downstairs! These guys at St Patrick’s are professionals! Well done!!

Sunday morning we went to mass and afterwards to Hillsong! As they have no church building they use a theatre!

The music was electric and my spirit was longing for the silence of the night before!! I guess there is a time for everything and yet I believe that God is to be found in the silence rather than the noise and yet out of this silence can be born great noise just like the light breaking through the darkness and giving us day!

It is important though that praise comes from the heart rather than a ‘who can make the most noise’ competition and when it does, praising God at the top of our lung like they do at Hillsong is great!

As Hillsong’s venue was near Westminister cathedral we went there after a quick McDonald’s!

There was a prayer service with benediction of the Blessed sacrament and confessions available as usual!

It hit me more than ever how privileged we are to be catholics and what an astounding variety of prayer, spiritualities and events that our catholic church holds!

From the catholic charismatic movement to the contemplative orders there is literally a supermarket of saints and spiritualities and there is no unique way of being a catholic!

We need only look at the catholic saints and see how utterly different they were and yet how they were all 100% catholic!

From Padre Pio who lived a public life of mysticism to little Therese who was utterly unknown to mother Theresa who spent her life on the streets to John Paul II who was a pope to the great missionaries who travelled the world to the hidden husbands and wives who reared their families we see that everybody has a unique path and calling to holiness and that our catholic church is there to guide, direct and grow each individual in their own unique way under the guiding power of the Holy Spirit!

Anyway, after the cathedral we met our lgbt catholic friends at the Jesuit church in Westminister and returned home suitably tired after such a long day!!

So in summary! Being a catholic is very exciting and we say a big thank you to Our Lady for teaching us, guiding us and connecting us with so many great people and ministeries!

And as yesterday was Our Lady’s birthday celebration in the catholic church let’s all sing her a well-deserved birthday song in thanks for all she does for us!