Good morning!

This morning I was reflecting on the realm of evil and how it appears so mysterious to people.

Further how Our Lady has been given the power to crush Satan and crush evil!

So why is evil so mysterious and holiness open and straightforward!

In a way the answer is simple! Evil isn’t mysterious at all but it is mischievous!

You see Satan is like a good salesman selling bad products! He talks it up, He tries to make it sound attractive, complex, powerful, reliable…..everything that it is not!

Evil in today’s world only looks powerful because people don’t pray! The schoolyard bully has no problem picking on the young weak child and it makes him look strong but if he was to attack kids stronger and older than him he would be beaten to pulp!

And so it is with Satan! Against people of prayer he is not only powerless, he runs away scared as his lies are exposed and his power useless!

And so he sets about seducing and tricking people and as long as he can keep them fooled and away from the real power source (that of Jesus), he will enjoy a certain success!

He sets about seducing people using a mix of fear and power pretending basically that he is on a par with God and making promises of power, success, guidance, happiness etc.

He uses fear to control. For as long as people are afraid of him then he has power over them!

This is why Jesus keeps saying ‘do not fear’ and also why Jesus uses a humble creature (his mother) to crush his head!

Mary in turn teaches us how to live in this world without being afraid of Satan by giving us the grace to trust!

Every time I’d feel fear from demons I’d feel Mary around me saying ‘trust’! Fear is a lack of faith and we must fight it by calling on the Holy Spirit and asking Him to strengthen us!

If Mary is so free of fear it is simply because she is full of grace!

And so if we too want to be free of fear then we too need to be filled with grace!

How? Prayer! Only in prayer do we become filled with grace and for Catholics the sacraments of holy communion and confession are amazingly powerful!

You see in prayer we come to know in our hearts the simplicity of God and his love and power!

His simplicity crushes Satan’s mystery!

His power crushes Satan’s lies!

His wisdom crushes Satan’s deceit!

His purity crushes Satan’s hatred!

His love crushes Satan’s promises!

And so today! Do not get sucked in by the so called mystery or complexities of evil but rather keep it simple!

Jesus Christ has power over every single demon, every evil entity and there are no exceptions!

Jesus wishes to share His power with us so that we too can be truly free and so what more exciting journey to be on than being a prayerful catholic!

Come Holy Spirit! Free us of all fear and free those stuck in the grip of the devils lies through the intercession of your most beautiful mother Mary!

Bless your day with power and freedom of the Holy Spirit!