Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me….lol….37, how did that happen?

As I reflect today it is an opportunity to celebrate the gift of life!

God made me us for free, a pure gift on his part and while suffering wasn’t part of His original plan for us, He didn’t abandon us there but gave us an opportunity to be born again and even brought to a higher state of being than before!
“O Happy Fault that merited such and so great a Redeemer!”

In my case September 14th 1982 was when I was born and September 14th 2008 was when I was converted!! So today I am only 11 years old (some might argue I look closer to 11 than 37)!!

Life is a gift and how glad I am that I didn’t commit suicide and that I live to tell of the power of Jesus!

Looking if there are any famous people who share the same birthday yesterday I stumbled on Amy Winehouse who was born in 1983. She later commit suicide, how sad!

Life is life, none of us know how it will turn out and if we look back from the day we were born we will probably see many unexpected surprises!

Yet one truth holds and that is that with the power of God every day is a birthday!

It is never too late to be born again, to be renewed and healed spiritually, to surrender our lives even deeper to God and to allow Him to work through us even more!

So today I renew my surrender to God, you can join me if you like!

“God, you made me, you know the plans that you have for me, mould me, make me, heal me, break me into being your instrument of heavenly love and hope on earth”!

Have a great day and thank you to everybody who has helped and supported me over these years in so many different ways! Love you all heaps!