Good morning!

I’m having a coffee with a pastry ‘pain aux raisins’ which I mischievously enjoy ordering with english pronunciation putting maximum emphasis on the end letters ‘n’, ‘x’ and ‘s’ which of course should not be pronounced at all in french! (paiN auX raisinS)😂😂😂

This morning I was very proud to see Toni serving mass! Ten months ago in Split I met this stranger for a coffee and while he believed in Jesus, he would not step foot in church!

I recall inviting him into the Franciscan monastery in central Split, he almost killed me! Not to mention the Sunday evening when he almost stormed off never to talk to me again for being late because I was at mass!

Yet with God’s grace, here he is today!

And notice St Therese in the background, the saint of the emotionally sensitive and fragile!

But God has not done all the work as Toni has had to cooperate at every step with God’s grace and this has required extraordinary perseverance!

At 22 to leave your native country is no easy thing, nor is it easy to be transgender and catholic!

We have already been through many trials but simple faith, persevarance, trust and forgiveness are the spiritual tools to move through all obstacles!

So today I give thanks to God the Father in a special way for Toni’s life which already can be an inspiration for so many and I thank Him that He has used me in spite of all my own faults and weaknesses to help him!

So well done Toni and to all of you out there remember that with Jesus there is always a way and He has a plan for your life no matter what your past or your circumstances!

Have a day full of hope!