Good Saturday morning!

Another weekend is upon us and the weather is definitely getting that bit colder! School term has started and so have many church programs including the RCIA (rite of christian initiation for adults) for adults seeking to be baptised!

I had the interesting experience of sitting in on one of these classes during the week and it was very interesting!

In Ireland we all sort of grew up catholic and I say ‘sort of’ because looking back that is all it was!

Being catholic and being nice pretty much amounted to the same thing and let’s face it you can be nice and not have any religion at all!

At the class we were played a DVD from Bishop Barron and it was excellent!

Barron explained how Jesus wasn’t just a nice guy, that he was a revolutionary! He pointed out that Jesus was a miracle worker and that in many cases people were afraid of Jesus and of His powers and authority!

As the class continued we all shared a little and it seemed that a lot of people still associate being a catholic with just being a nice person!

Of course catholics should be nice people but does it stop there? Is that all the catholic faith has to offer? And if so, why become catholic rather than muslim or Buddhist which also teach about being nice?

The answer of course goes back to Jesus. Cathilicism isn’t just a religion, it is a spirituality and a direct relationship with a supernatural, miracle-working revolutionary named Jesus who desires to transform us and make us not only nice but spiritually strong too!

Jesua desires that we open our hearts to Him so that He can work in us and through us!

When we see powerful healing priests and preachers we get a glimpse of this reality and we see that being a catholic doesn’t stop at learning the catechism and being nice but that it is an open door to allowing the person of Jesus to work through us to love, heal and transform lives!

Bishop Barron has a thirst that people come to know the real Jesus and the real beauty of being catholic together with the great challenge of it too!

I must say that I admire his simple and very humble approach together with his thirst for catholics to be catholics for real!

And so today as we take a few moments, let’s gently ask ourselves a few questions.

What does being a catholic mean to me?

Who is Jesus for me?

What can Jesus do for me?

What is Jesus asking me to do for Him?

Don’t beat yourself up if the answer to some of the questions fall into the “I’m just a nice ordinary person like everybody else” box!

This doesn’t mean that Jesus is angry with you, it means He has mercy on you and desires to reveal Himself to you at a deeper level!

So today let us invoke the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal Jesus to us and to open our hearts more. Let us also set some time aside to let Him do this by perhaps reading books on the topic, listening to a talk or even better by attending a talk or retreat by a spirit-filled preacher!

Whatever the case, Jesus, come alive more in me today. Correct me, teach me, love me and empower me that I may be like you and touch every broken heart that I meet!

Bless you all!


P.S. Pray for Toni today who has a trial working in a local coffee shop!