This morning like every morning I was at mass. The priest’s homily was so simple and yet so powerful that he wrote this morning’s blog for me!

Today’s gospel was when Jesus sent his disciples out 2 by 2 to heal and cast out demons with the instructions not to bring money and to stay wherever they were welcomed, remarkably like how he sent myself and Seamus from Medjugorje to Dubrovnik, Split and now London (2 became 3 with Toni when Jesus healed him)!

The priest explained that this call of being sent out is the root of our church and faith.

He then explained that an institition was needed as the movenent grew and that this institution is called the church!

But like all institutions he explained, human corroption can set in and they can lose touch with their roots.

He went onto talk about the sexual abuses and finsncial improprieties committed by many priests and of the pain that this has caused the church and other priests by association.

And so he concluded mass with a healing service and not a self-focused service for our own needs but an outward focused service focused on the church.

I thought that it was wonderful how he could love and pray for church and at the same time be so simple, honest and humble about the brokenness and corruption that still exists!

What a wonderful example of love, mercy and justice and how encouraging to see his love for Jesus, for the church and for the people all at once!

God bless Fr X!

Pray for more priests like this!

Have a holy day