Good morning!

Yesterday I had a day with 2 incidences where people specifically requested for God NOT to bless them!

The first was on Oxford Street. A lady was handing out fliers and shouting ‘Give your life to Jesus, Jesus loves you’. Personally I run away from these types of people even if I know that their hearts are in the right place. It just doesn’t seem to be the approach that works in these type of countries!

A young guy hearing her laughed and said:

“I don’t want to be saved”.

The second incident was with a guy I met who didn’t believe in God but does believe in angels (which for me is such a terrible irony because if he could see how much the angels love God). As we parted I said without thinking “God bless you” to which he replied:

“God don’t bless me, angels yes”!

I laughed it off! I’m too stuck in my ways now and I won’t apologise for my love of God or mentioning God in my speach!

So what can we learn from these 2 incidences?!

The main thing is that people have absolutely no idea who God or Jesus really is and what they are saying!

When these people said these things, I didn’t feel the Holy Spirit angry at them, I felt Him sad for them.

God knows that these people are not saying ‘no’ to a God they know. They are saying ‘no’ to a God that they don’t know!

Dig a little deeper and all goes back to our image of God and who we think Hr really is!

Thinking can be dangerous as it involves our imagination and we can build up an image of God that is totally false based on what we have read or heard or experienced.

All the scandals in the church haven’t helped and do God no favours when it comes to making him known.

So what are the main blockages when it comes to God?

1. The angry father that expects me to be perfect over night and live in perpetual misery as a way of atoning for my sins.

2. The unfair God that allows innocent people to suffer could not possible be a God of love and cannot be trusted!

3. The serious funless God that will ruin my life and make me miserable. Best live my life and turn to him on my death bed when I’ve had my fun!

The list goes on but all these type of thoughts successfully block people from really allowing God to bless their lives!

If people really knew in their hearts that God is a majestic loving father who desires to bless His children and their lives in ways unimaginable, only an idiot would refuse His help!

Yet the universe is full of idiots, Satan being the first and all the others who have followed him and will never have peace!

But Satan was in full knowledge. He saw God and knew God and he knowingly and purposely rebelled.

How many souls today knowingly and purposely rebel?

The answer is probably fewer than we think because God is so unknown today and the church is so broken!

And so we fall back to the same conclusion. The God of mercy who desires to make himself known to those who don’t know him and who desperately desires healing of the church and especially of the clergy who are God’s special ambassadors on earth so to speak!

So today I pray God’s blessing on all and that people will really come to know the Father’s love in their hearts so that the ministry of evangelization becomes simple a call of loving, sharing, caring and healing!

God bless you all!