Good morning!

As usual yesterday was a day not lacking in drama as heaven and hell collide in this mission of evangelization!

It is amazing at times the things that just happen when I enter a place. Just like dogs will bark when a stranger comes into your house, so too do demons start barking in their own way!!

If I had a pound for all the times glasses have smashed beside me I’d be a millionaire at this stage! When I first met Seamus I told him and he couldn’t believe it! It would never happen in a church or place of prayer but always in a pub or cafe!

The other day I visited McDonald’s where Seamus works and has been telling them all about Jesus and the spiritual realm for weeks! Since he began there have been floods and spillages and all sorts of chaos and when I went in the other day there was a power failure and the store had to be closed!

So you see Demons are very real and when there isn’t prayer they can have a lot of influence over the physical world!

But like a bold child throwing a tantrum their outbursts only serve to make their presence visible and a good prayer session or exorcism and they’ll be sent packing!

Sadly in today’s society most people are too rational minded to associate such things with demons and spend thousands on repairs etc.

Some would call me crazy and a fantatic for saying such things yet the only crazy people are those who believe in no God and live their lives as such!

To play dodge-ball with God, that is crazy!

Anyway this ties nicely into the guy I prayed over yesterday. He looked very miserable and so I said it to him “please don’t take this the wrong way but you look miserable”. There is something to be said for being direct!!

He went on to tell me that he is indeed misersble before he told me about being a witch!

He explained that he’s a pagan witch, he’d been initiated years ago by his parents I think and that he invokes spiritual powers (demons) to help him!

Clearly they weren’t making him very happy and I couldn’t but pity him as he was surely introduced to all this at a young age and doesn’t really know what he is playing with!

I did notice black shadows in the room as I spoke to him and a heaviness.

Nonetheless he allowed me to pray with him and so I did! I pray God blesses him with truth and happiness!

I’ve met a lot of people like this over the years. I’ll never forget the poor french girl that was in the same car as me from Lyon to Toulon! As I prayed silently she sat at the window as white as a ghost on the point of getting sick! She too was into alternative spiritualities and we clashed!

The years have taught me to pray and to trust like a child. Our Lady has no fear of Satan, see how she effortlessly stamps on him with her foot while she continues to glow with love!

She desires us to be the same! She desires us to trust in Jesus and His power and protection working in us.

We will be protected to the degree we trust. Years ago when I trusted less I used to get terribe migraines and a sick stomach after such meetings.

Now nothing happens, I just laugh, maybe they have the migraines!

But this realm is not a game, it is serious and each of these people are loved and valued children of God looking for help from the wrong places!

We should never judge people but rather teach them about Jesus, about christian prayer and the Holy Spirit!

The best way to teach and preach is by example and so my prayer is that we will be like Our Lady who ‘full of grace’ is fearless in face of evil and yet uncompromising in love.

She is a model of power, authority and wisdom mixed with humility, gentleness and care.

Mother Mary, teach us to be like you and be lights of truth to all those caught up in witchcraft etc.

Have a great day