Good morning!

Another Monday, another week ahead!

This morning I was reflecting on the work of evangelization and rejection!

Evangelization isn’t necessarily running around telling everybody about Jesus but rather is about living a Christian life and sharing it with other people in love!

However whatever approach you take you’ll get lots of rejection!

I guess Jesus prepared me for this years ago when all my family turned against me because of Jesus calling me the way He did. They just couldn’t accept it!

To this day despite coming from a large family and having many cousins I am still very much the outcast of the family. I’m too normal to be mad, too mad to be normal….so they just don’t bother!

But it’s not just them! Last Saturday night I participated in ‘Nightfever’ in St Patrick’s in Soho.

It started with mass at 6pm and then the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. Afterwards we were paired up and two by two sent out into the street with candles to invite passers by into the church to pray!

Soho is a party area and is in the heart of the gay district making it ideal for evangelization!

So what was the response like! Well it’s not easy

“Sorry, am on our way to dinner” said more than one couple dressed to the heavens with a certain smugness that exuded ‘We don’t need that type of thing”!!

Others just keep walking as though we were invisible and that they were deaf, dumb and plain rude!!

Others shout “I’m an atheist” and laugh and thankfully others do stop to talk and even come in!

But make no mistake about it, there is way more rejection and mockery!

We live in a world where God is not feared. Most people just don’t care. Atheism and worldly success are the only things that matter.

12 years ago I was in that group too. I’m not sure how I’d have reacted to a group like nightfever back then. I hope I may have stopped and been at least polite but I can’t guarantee it!

Afterwards with Seamus I went for a drink. The bar was full of gay people as pole dancers strutted their stuff on stage. They seemed like nice guys, I wondered how life brought them there! We can never judge as every situation has an explanation and a back story usually involving a lot of pain and hurt.

We got talking to some people and let me tell you that few are expecting missionaries in a gay bar on a Saturday night!!

“Does Jesus know you are here?” we hear sometimes as if we were two 16 year old girls who’d sneaked into a club with fake ID!!

“He sent us ” we reply as we talk away and conversations start. At least 90% of the guys I talk to speak of having considered suicide and of a church that hates them.

I could go as far as to say that we get a positive reaction from nearly everybody when we share our stories and that many of these people we meet are searching for God and pray in their own way!

Some of course think we are weird and walk off but that’s ok!

We are now 4 months in England and are somewhat settled here even if we are still sleeping on the floor of a parish hall.

It is not easy and we find ourselves in the heart of this knot of controversy between the church and the gay world.

We are thankful to everyone who has helped us and who sees this area of mission and ministry as important for both the church and the world!

It is their prayers and support that give us the strength to continue on those hard days when rejection bites from every corner!

You too if you are following Jesus will experience much rejection and yet through this your faith can grow even stronger as you better understand what it was like for Jesus to be so cruelly treated and yet how He persevered in love despite of it all!

So please friends hold us in your prayers as winter approaches and as the temperatures drop that we may find a more suitable accomodation as we endeavour to bring the love of God to those who have not yet experienced it!

Bless you all this week and may more souls come to know Jesus and put Him at the centre of their lives and plans!