New new new! We all like something new and tomorrow we will have 5 new saints, one of whom is Cardinal Newman!!

I can’t say I know much about him really only that I read some of his writings when I lived in Australia!

Nobody will disagree that he was a profoundly spiritual man.

It was widely assumed that Newman was also a gay man who lived a celibate life and who had an intimate friendship with his friend and housemate who was also a priest.

He loved him with all his heart and his last wishes were that they would be buried together (which they were)!

Of course the church hasn’t officially said that he was gay because it wasn’t the core of his life or of his spirituality!

That said Newman is perhaps the ideal saint to pray for if you are gay and christian and feel hurt, judged and misunderstood!

Perhaps his special friendship rooted in a love for God is prophetic for the very many lonely gay men and gay priests who have for so many years been misunderstood and neglected by the church!

And so my prayer today is that through the intereccsion of the future Saint Newman that the knot of confusion and hurt at the centre of the church around the whole gay area be healed and addressed!

Saint Newman, help us man!!