Good morning! Our mission has started and you are all welcome!

Yesterday the preacher mentioned how society is slowly turning towards paganism!

What is paganism and how is it different to atheism? Easy!

Pagans believe in the spiritual world and invoke spirits to help them. Watching Harry Potter or Lord of the rings gives you sort of an idea!

Now you might laugh but these things are very popular and there are schools of witchcraft being held all over the world just like schools of danse! Why?

In my humble opinion there are 2 reasons!

One is the personality of man, the other is the personality of Satan! Man is a spiritual being and so is made for a connection with the spiritual and broken man seeks power! Combine spirituality and human power and hey presto, you’re on the way to being a top class pagan!

Second is Satan! I know more about demons than I’d ever care to know simply by observing their behaviour!

Demons are very vain, they like to be worshipped and made a big deal of! That’s why nowadays so many people get tattoos with snakes and spiders and demonic symbols! Hang around with cats and you’ll smell of cat, same with demons, invite them into your life and they’ll influence it so much that even the way you dress and do your hair will be inspired by them!

Satan is full of pride. He can’t “be still” so he needs to be active and so he needs people to be worshipping him to somehow give him a sense of relief!

All demons are the same. In a funny way they are actually very fragile beings that enjoy no peace or happiness and their only escape is doing more evil!

Demons are a bit like an alcoholic! As soon as they begin to sober up they come face to face with themselves and their future and just as an alcoholic will search out a drink, demons will search out souls!

And so it’s no surprise that society is becoming more pagan!

If truth be told the evil spirits need man more than man needs them!

Any ‘powers’ they give to people come at a high cost and ultimately these beings only serve their own interest!Their ultimate goal is not only that you worship them and pray to them and even dress like them! No! Their ultimate goal is to bring you ‘home’ with them where you’ll burn for all eternity! And at the resurrection of the body, even the souls of the damned will be given their bodies back and will be tortured eternally in hell!

And all this for a bit of power on earth! Hardly worth it

!So why don’t people turn to Jesus rather than demons?


Jesus asks us to trust Him and to allow Him to guide our lives and so effectively we lose control! If we follow Jesus we may not get the big house and big car that we want!

Demons flatter us….’eat that apple’…’buy that dress’….’have that plastic surgery…..’You deserve it’.

In fact they are so manipulative and cunning that they will try to convince you that you are doing your will when you are doing their will!

They try to manipulate and confuse and trick you into doing what is evil.
“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good….”

In today’s society it’s

“Kill those babies as it’s a woman’s right”

“Accept gay lifestyles as everyone deserves happiness”

Yet these ‘free women” and ‘godless gays’ look anything but happy!

And of course they don’t because they have been tricked and manipulated by the old snake whose prowling about looking to destroy them!

So let’s not be afraid to show the world that you can be fully happy, fully alive, fully human, fully spiritual and fully christian!

Let us have no fear of demons or of anybody following them but rather let them be afraid of us as “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”.

Our Lady, pray for us and snatch these souls back from Satan’s cunning lies!

Have a great day!