Good morning!

This week we have been blessed at our parish to have the franciscan friars of the renewal. I have just been to mass and here is what I remember of a beautiful reflection!

We are called into a personal relationship with Jesus and as we get to know Him more and as He loves us we change just like a man or woman who has met the love of his life!

And like this man, we fall so in love that we talk about our new relationship with our friends and family!

And just as the man goes onto marry and the love between the man and woman makes babies, so too do we go on to giving our entire lives to Jesus and through our love for Him, others may get to know Him and so we make ‘spiritual’ children so to speak!

When put like this evangelistion changes from being a duty to being a joy because we are sharing from the heart rather than from the head!

Evangelisation simply becomes sharing, caring, listening, witnessing, praying, understanding, reconciling and loving!

But just like the guy in the office that has fallen in love and walks around smiling and talking about his new love, there will be always people who instead of rejoicing and thanking God and learning how they too can experience the same joy will get bitter and envious!

”Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ..him and his Jesus, makes me sick, he should go and do some real work like the rest of us” I have often heard!

In Australia they call it ‘tall poppy syndrome’. A poppy is a flower and if it grows too tall it gets beheaded!

Sadly this can also be the case as we grow in our faith and we can find ourselves in the middle of all sorts of misunderstandings as a result!

Yet these are the times to persevere and opportunities for us to show Jesus that we love him even if we get bullied because of Him!

It is not easy and yet we can be joyful even in and through this because this is how Jesus and the saints were all treated!

We are called to be the salt of the earth and when our saltiness hits the wounds of others they sting!

This week in the Gospels at mass Jesus challenges the hypocricy of the scribes and pharisees. Ultimately they could not take correction so they blamed Jesus and eventually killed Him!

Their religious pride got in the way and so they accused Jesus of being the devil full of insolence and pride as they clung to their religious routines and loveless lives!

And so here is our dilemma! Just as many women nowadays are encouraged not to have many children and to abort the weak ones so too are many missionaries encouraged to tone down their preaching, to abort the weak ones and overall not to take the gospel too seriously!

And so we see that today’s “fight for life” is not just for babies but also for adults and a fight for their souls!

Let us pray for courageous witnesses to the gospel and to eternal life and may the spirit of lukewarmness be wiped off the face of the earth.

Luke 12:49
“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!