Hello there,

A few days ago we did a bible reflection from Luke. The last 2 lines were:

I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?

To be honest I couldn’t quite understand it and I’m not sure if I still do!

I know that God is a God of justice and that there are so many injustices in today’s world but it was the word ‘speedily’ that hit me!

I think to my own life and the injustices after injustices that I have faced and my plea to God for justice and fair treatment from the church and family.

The abuse I have faced over the years from so many priests has caused me more suffering than one could imagine.

From being excluded to being kicked out, being labelled as crazy and a follower of Satan the abuse never stopped.

And when I reported the abuse to bishops such as in Medjugorje, I never even got a reply!

As far as pleading with the church to help LGBT people I may as well be pleading to the maffia for money!

A wall of utter indifference and religious pride seems to reign except for a few exceptions such as at our current parish!

But this is nothing new, I saw my mum have a breakdown which was largely due to a priest who had interfered with her and my own breakdown followed!

So today I ponder on justice coming speedily in light of all those who have suffered because of abuses of power in the church.

Perhaps God’s justice is letting religious orders rot by providing no vocations, by allowing parish after parish to be closed down as the seminaries are empty, by allowing all the abuses in the church to come out in the media for public humiliation….

And yet how profoundly sad that the institution of healing is often more an institution of abuse and those wounded like me and many others are ignored and left out!

Jesus desires to heal. To heal the victims of abuse, to heal those who were left even further from God due to their ‘catholic’ education.

Jesus also desires to heal the church. He desires a humble church, a church willing to acknowledge her mistakes and to bringing healing to the victims.

Jesus desires a church of love, of prayer, of outreach.

As I sit here in Soho with Toni I ask myself ‘what healing and restoration has the church to offer the LGBT community?’ and when will I see justice for how the church has abused and mistreated me for over 11 years while I fought for my life.

Jesus, on this feast of St Luke, may your justice come ‘speedily’ for the sake of the broken and the weak.