Good morning!

Today is world mission Sunday and 3 of my favourite saints come to mind!

1. John Paul II. His understanding of the human person and of sexuality is a treasure that the world has yet to hear. Theology of the body needs to be heard, not just by catholics but by all people.

It is a masterpiece of theology and of who God is and of who we are.

I wish I heard it as a child and knew the love of God and the gift of my sexuality.

Instead I heard of missionary work in Africa!!

2. Mother Theresa. She was always on TV when I grew up in the 90’s and I prayed to her in Dublin when I was on the verge of taking my life. ‘I want to be like you’ I said and love the poor shamelessly and publicly!

Mother Theresa not only prayed for the poor, she become one with the poor just as Jesus became one with humanity.

Mother Theresa’s example is a remedy to the spirit of hypocricy that catholics are often accused of and an example of giving all!

3. My favourite and that is St Therese of the child Jesus!

Therese geniously understood that the most urgent mission field wasn’t in Africa or China but was the one in her own heart!

She realised that one can do enormous things for Jesus by doing simple things with love!

And so these 3 saints together make a perfect combination for the healing of today’s world!

With the instruction on John Paul II and the charity of Mother Theresa and the trust of Therese our catholic church could once again be flooded with young people seeking God, seeking healing and seeking truth!

At times we fail to see that our mission territory is all around us and this makes me sad.

How often do I go to prayer meetings and nobody says hello, how often at mass does the person beside me reluctantly shake my hand at the sign of peace without even looking at me!

It’s a bad sign if they can’t talk or shake hands considering our destiny is to spend all of eternity together in the most intimate of unions!!

And so you see that John Paul II got it right when he called for a reevangelisation of the west and that starts with you and me!

It starts with our hearts, our fears, our selfishness, our pride, our judgements and out of these places of transformation it extends to the people around us, especially to the very broken and from here to the whole world!

So on today’s ‘world mission Sunday’ there is no need to think of Africa or China or India but rather look at our own hearts and repentenly offer them to Jesus for all the places where we hold back in word and action and deed leaving others rejected and hurt!

Saint John Paul II

Pray for us

Saint Mother Theresa

Pray for us

Saint Therese of the child Jesus

Pray for us