Hello there!

One might wonder what suicide has to do with prayer and yet the answer is a lot!

We all know what suicide is but do we really know what prayer is?!

Saint Theresa of Avila described it as a conversation between two lovers; you and God!

Prayer is not just about words, it is about relationship and when we have a true heart to heart relationship with Jesus then something like suicide is ridiculous!

So why do so many commit suicide and many of them catholics too?

Is it that they didn’t really know how much God loved them and despair set in?

When I suffered with depression in my 20’s I went to many professionals.

I went to a doctor then to clinical psychologist. After I went to a psychiatrist and then to a psychotherapist! I went to a Chinese masseur, a hypnotherapist and to a reiki healer ….a road of confusion and despair.

And each time I went away almost €100 poorer and no less wise!

You see I was lost and I was looking for answers that they didn’t have.

I was looking for God, for Jesus and for His plan for my life.

Eventually Jesus came and I did a U-turn and began seeking help from prayer and priests rather than tablets and professionals.

The priests taught me who God is and who I am. They taught me about healing and forgiveness and the tablet of love called the eucharist!

My life took shape and Jesus gave me hope!

After I asked myself why people go to professionals who by in large exclude God and Jesus from their practices.

I was sad to learn that even christian professionals are not allowed to talk about Jesus in their work.

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and money are the God’s of that world!

And so today I pray for all young people struggling with depression and suicide and I pray for all priests too.

I pray for priests to be anointed with the power of Jesus so that they know and truly believe that they have more to offer any soul than any professionals because they can offer the healing power of Jesus.

I also pray for the conversion of professionals and that they too realise that there is a God beyond their books and tablets and that His name is Jesus!

Come Holy Spirit, let no beautiful soul created by you commit suicide while we stay silent. May the name of Jesus be spoken on every street, in every office, in every hospital and may we rise up as catholics for the love of God and the healing of humanity!

Be bold in the name and power of Jesus!