Good morning!

This morning I was reflecting on the priesthood and on the power bestowed on each priest through ordination!

When a priest says “I forgive you” or “this is my body” he does not need to shout! Heaven obeys and the miracle is accomplished.

A lay person could shout and roar the same thing and heaven would stay silent, they don’t have the power or permission.

Similarly each priest receives other gifts as he is being trained. From what I recall these are called the minor orders and include a blessing to preach the gospel (you’ll never see a layperson reading Gospel at mass) and exorcism.

The whole lot makes the priest a very dangerous man to Satan and so Satan cunningly sets about destroying him!

Step 1: Instill doubts about the real presence of Jesus in the eucharist. How many poor priests are riddled with doubts as they say mass.

Step 2: Eliminate sin and so the need for confession to a priest. At best say there is no sin, second best is to confess directly to God and bypass the priest thus missing out on enormous graces.

Step 3: Destroy the preaching ministry by diluting the gospel into a feel-good message for everybody without any substance or challenge under Satan’s subtle deception of ‘being nice’.

Step 4: Eliminate the exorcism and deliverance ministry under the pretext of prudence, fear and superstition and hand this realm over to the psychiatric world who have no training in spiritual matters!

Now the poor priest may get bored and so Satan must set about occupying his time otherwise less he realises what is happening!

Now flows the endless tasks that any non-ordained person could do; flower arrangements, secretarial work, finances, endless meetings and projects!!

Satan’s motto is to keep him busy and especially to keep him from prayer.

After a few years many will leave the priesthood, others will turn to the drink while others become heretical in their thinking!

‘The family that prays together stays together” they say. How much more true for priests!

And so today my prayer is for priests. That they may truly believe in the power and significance of what they are doing and why they were ordained. That they may detect the snares of Satan and not be fooled or compromised and most of all that they may love Jesus and Mary and be docile obedient instruments to the Holy Spirit!

St Padre Pio, pray for priests!