Good morning!

Today is a dull rainy day in London, I love it, it reminds me of Ireland and after so many years living in hot countries I’m enjoying what others hate….the rain!!

Yesterday was a productive day as I managed to get both a haircut and open a bank account in the middle of my prayer and evangelisation routine.

I get a healing from the ordinary things of life while others search the extraordinary! At times I wish I could give them a taste of my life and they’d soon see that nothing matters only pleasing God!!

Before bed last night I glimpsed at the days news. Trump always seems to make the headlines but another interesting article was the possible discovery of Noah’s ark!

Now some believe that the story of Noah is a true event in history while others believe it to be a myth. Call me gullable but I tend to believe that these events did take place however unlikely they may seem.

It reminded me of a talk I was at last week on the Bible (every Monday at St Patricks Soho for anyone interested).

Because I’m so involved in evangelisation I tend to analyse things through the eyes of a non-believer and so anticipate and then mitigate the issues. Perhaps my actuarial training was useful after all as it was all about critical thinking, risk analysis and risk mitigation.

Whatever the case it’s good that there was no insurance industry in the time of Noah as the whole of creation got wiped out except the animals and people on one boat!

So I was thinking of all animal lovers and how they might react to all the animals on the planet dying except for a few on the ark….

Then I was thinking of the amount of human beings that may have died and again how strange it may seem from an unbeliever’s point of view!

It certainly isn’t easy to grasp how a loving God can allow all this and without being firmly rooted in prayer one could easily lose their faith.

It made me see even more that faith is a gift. Many of us have experienced God’s love in one way or the other and so we know and trust that God is love despite these types of arguments!

Yet without these graces we too may be struggling to reconcile the God of the old testament with the God of love!

This is why it’s so important to continue to pray and to trust even when we don’t understand fully and why also it’s important to ask the question ‘why?’ always through the lense of faith so that we can talk to people who don’t believe and discuss these types of questions comfortably.

Saint John Henry Newman was a very strong believer in educating the laity and of reconciling faith with reason.

‘Truth meets truth’ he so wonderfully put it!

And as another saint put it

I do not seek to understand so that I can believe,
but I believe so that I may understand

(St. Anselm of Canterbury)

So friends, as the evenings grow longer why not join a prayer meeting or a study group where you will find answers to some of your questions, question some of you answers all in the fellowship of of other like minds seeking to grow more in both understanding and faith!