Good morning!

The last 2 days readings at mass have been about the difference between unspiritual people and spiritual people and the unspiritual part of us and the spiritual part of us.

Unspiritual people and the unspiritual part of us have no interest in spiritual things. Like birds with broken wings instead of flying majestically in the skys they squalor about on 2 feet on the ground feeding of rubbish!

Unspiritual people are not far from animals in their behaviour. They live for food, drink, entertainment and sex. Any thoughts of eternal things such as God, prayer etc. are utterly ignored!

Even spiritual people can feel a draw to behaving like this but the difference is that that fight! They see it for what it is and through prayer they overcome themselves!

Jesus says to pray at all times! ‘It’s boring’ many will say. ‘You need a balance others will cry’.

People like this haven’t really understood prayer.

I studied mathematics in college for 4 years. How could I study only maths….boring right?

Well no! Mathematics is very broad and vast and I recall in my first year having many different maths classes!

We had linear algebra which was mainly about vectors and matrices, we had analysis, discreet mathematics, statistics, finsncial math and then and computer programming!

As the years went on we explored more the worlds of complex numbers, probability, actuarial maths….

Honestly it went on and on!

Now spirituality is the same! To the unspiritual mind it’s ‘boring’ but to the spiritual man it’s more vast than maths!

There are so many different sides to prayer.

There is community prayer such as the offices of the church, there is mass, lectio divina, rosary, intercessory prayer…

There is healing and deliverance prayer, prophetic prayer, charismatic prayer, praise and worship..

There is infused contemplation and adoration not forgetting talking to God and making our work a prayer by doing it with love!

So how sad I get at times when so many discourage those who are called to prayer!

An olympic swimmer does not win a gold medal by watching TV and playing chess nor do world champion tennis players come to the peak of their careers on the golf coarse!

No! Their success comes from a gift which they develop through being focused and concentrated and through many sacrifices.

Is it not similar when it comes to prayer! If we want to be spiritually strong do we not have to step aside from the crowd and focus on prayer!

Do we not have to make many sacrifices at the risk of people calling us imbalanced fanatics!

Look at all the saints we pray to and how they lived their lives and think also of how much they were disliked and ridiculed on earth by their fellow christians!

So yes, the world needs people strong in prayer and strong in faith. By God’s grace I hope that I am one of them and that you are too and if not, it’s never too late for us to begin as

‘today is the first day of the rest of our lives’!

Pray, pray, pray! Our Lady needs us!