Good Monday morning and what better day than a Monday to speak of change!!

‘If you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got’

Sounds logical then if your life is to improve a little, some changes are needed and if it’s to improve a lot, a lot of changes are needed!

The only problem with change is that it involves risk! At 23 I was unhappy working in Dublin so I got a job as an actuary in Paris!

I expected the change to help me but the new job was a disaster, living abroad alone was far harder than expected and my mum being sick was the last straw!

The change ended up with me having a breakdown and finding myself back in Ireland more lost than ever!

And you too surely have your own experiences of changes gone wrong from relationships to financial decisions and the effect of this is to paralyse us!

By 25 I was terrified of any changes and was grabbing to my one security which was my job!

But little did I know that my security was an obstacle to God and I had to break more before I accepted changing jobs!

Eventually the breakthrough came when I said:

‘God, I do not know what is good for me, you tell me and I’ll do it’

He took me at my word and within 3 weeks I went from being locked in my house with anxiety to driving to the south of France!

This change was the right decision because it was a god-inspired change and despite a lot of people not understanding, it was the best decision of my life!

What made it possible was prayer from the heart, constantly talking to Jesus and Mary and allowing them to guide me day by day!

So today you may be unhappy in life and know that something must change and you don’t know what or don’t have the courage!

My message is simple. You have a father in heaven looking on you with love and mercy and who wants to inspire you and give you the direction and strength that you need!

If you pray to Him you’ll realise like I have that it is only a fool that doesn’t pray and prayer will become more important in your life than the very food you eat!

So friends, let us talk to God from our hearts and let us learn to listen to His direction for our lives.

There is no situation too desperate for Him nor any person that He will refuse!

May God inspire your day, your week and all your decisions!