Good morning and happy all-saints day!

Here in London as in the rest of the world Halloween was celebrated last night! Some of the costumes were quite good and the lady at my local coffee shop who dresses as a witch every day enjoyed the only day of the year where she fitted in perfectly!

Did you know that the pagans dressed as monsters and devils to scare away demons?!

In other words, Halloween didn’t set out as a celebration of the demonic but rather a healthy fear of it…..something missing today!

Of course demons have no fear of disguises and the only thing that really scares demons is holiness and that brings us to today, the feast of all saints!

The road to heaven is a narrow one the bible says and every day we must take up our crosses and embark on it!

We shouldn’t interpret narrow as it being so difficult that we shouldn’t even try nor should we fall into the other extreme of false optimism and presumption!

The saints that we celebrate are the ‘Olympic champions’ of heaven but we must remember that heaven is jam packed with saints!

Some may be your parents or grandparents etc and these ones can help us enormously too!

Of course we are more familiar with the big guns of heaven like Padre Pio, St Therese and we can learn much from their lives!

It seems to me that what made the saints stand out was their extraordinary perseverance in extraordinary trials. They were not perfect, nor did they claim to be but they never gave up hope despite all!

Today we are all called to join them! To go on the narrow path of holiness by persevering in prayer and missionary zeal come what may!

We can always dream!!


But on a more serious note it is true! Even the pagans believed in a spiritual world and they had no Jesus or saints at the time to help them and to protect them!

So with the intercession of the saints let us make a new commitment today to holiness and prayer, trusting in God’s mercy with our faults and never wavering in perseverance and hope!!

All Holy Saints in heaven,

Pray for us!