Hello there!

Last night we watched a film based on the french mystic ‘Marthe Robyn’. Marthe lived off the eucharist for 50 years and spoke about evangelisation!

As I reflected on the topic of evangelisation this morning in prayer it hit me very strong that the lack of evangelisation is rooted in the lack of humility!

Evangelisation is simply about sharing God’s love with others!

Evangelisation is not just a catholic thing where only catholics need be concerned.

God’s love and salvation is for every human being whether black or white, gay or straight, cis or trans etc.

As catholics we are called to be extra humble. Most of us grew up catholic through no merit of our own. We could just as easily have grown up atheist or hindu or muslim or whatever!

We are in no way any better than these other people who haven’t yet come to know Jesus fully and if we are lacking in humility then we may well be worse than them!

Yesterday I met a young man of 19 who cried on my shoulders as he told me that he is now HIV+ after being raped last month. I felt God’s overwhelming love for him despite him being a practocising witch and of a muslim background.

I don’t meet these people at the back of the church praying the rosary! I meet them in clubs and venues where they go!

Jesus loved us so much that He became man to save us! He left the comfort of heaven to come to earth.

Similarly Jesus sends us out too to meet the lost and the broken and yet so few are willing to go!

The main blockage is fear! People are so afraid of ‘falling into sin’ that they don’t see at all their sins of pride, disobedience and ommission!

This is a lack of humility and love of neighbour that sucks the power out of the church and reduces catholics to a group of nice people who are afraid of the ‘real’ world!

The Holy Spirit gives us power and when we go out we are to rely on His strength which can more than compensate for our fears, weaknesses and excuses!

About 2 years ago I met Seamus in Medjugorje and after a lot of prayer we were guided to go out!

We started by going to mostar, then we went to Dubrovnik for a week and after we went to Sarajevo for a month!

Full of the graces from Medjugorje we met hundreds of people in all sorts of places from churches to pubs to coffee-bars to clubs.

We witnessed and prayed with more people than you could imagine and so it was no surprise that Satan was angry!

We didn’t get attacked by the gays or by the muslims or the witches! No! We got attacked by catholics who were quick to judge us and condemn us and accuse us of all sorts of lies!

Even a very good priest friend of ours turned right against us which was not easy as we struggled at times to find help and support!

Yet Jesus never left and we kept up our daily routine of mass, adoration and personal prayer through it all!

Almost a year later we met Toni in Split and our group of 2 became 3!

Still many in the church opposed us as they found us (especially me) to be too challenging!

But did I not live nervous breakdown after nervous breakdown? Do I not know what it’s like not to know Jesus and to suffer?

Is it any wonder I’d now go out and bring hope to these people and is it not any wonder that I get sad at the lack of support and zeal of many of my fellow Catholics who despite endless rosaries and masses are just not willing to step out and to be the ‘apostles of love’ that Our Lady of Medjugorje speaks of!

And so today I pray for myself and for us all for the gift of humility. Humility to put God’s will before my will, humility to step out of the boat, humility to believe in God’s power rather than my weakness, humilty to speak the truth, humility to correct my mistakes, humility to love everybody!

Jesus, make us humble like you and docile to the will of the Father!

God bless you