Good afternoon all!

Yesterday we had a great day with the franciscan friars of the renewal in Canning Town.

We watched a fantastic pro-life film called ‘Unplanned’ which showed the life story of Abby Johnson, former director of an abortion clinic in the USA!

After several years of prayers outside the clinic she had a major conversion!

At times the people who prayed there felt that it was an utter waste of time, yet their perseverance bore fruit!

In yesterday’s Gospel Jesus rose a man from the dead and in today’s Jesus met Zacchaeus who had climbed up tree to get a better view!

What is notable is that in both cases Jesus was out and about on the steets in the middle of society!

As I reflect on this in the context of evangelisation it seems that the Holy Spirit is simply asking us to be like Jesus!

Jesus did not confine himself to churches, no, He walked among all the people and preached in the open air where all could hear Him!

At times I feel that Jesus today is suffering from cloisterphobia!!

He is confined at times just to the church and to regular church-goers while He’d like to reach all and everybody just like when He was alive!

However Jesus has no arms or legs today except yours and mine which is why He needs us to go out into the streets of today’s world with Him in our hearts!

Also worth noting is how Jesus was quite discreet even if what He did was not discreet at all!

You could say that He was discreetly indiscreet as He randomly raised a man from the dead in the middle of the street!

And so it is with us! We don’t need to walk down the street shouting “Jesus loves you” at everybody!

No, but we do need do be docile to the Holy Spirit so that if in an environment of 1000, He wants us to talk to one or two that we do it!

Yesterday for example I had a wonderful chat in the train with a hilarious old granny who does rap music! She was dressed in pink and making a scene and yet I felt Jesus pushing me to talk to her!

We had a great chat which finished with me giving her a miraculous medal!

Did half the train think that she was mad? Yes!

Did they think I was mad too? Most certainly!!

Did either of us care? Nope!

Was Jesus happy! Definitely!

So let us all help to heal poor Jesus of cloisterphobia by bringing Him with us in our minds and in our hearts onto the streets, into the underground and into every place we go and let’s walk in the light of God!

Look how those prayers changed the life of Abby Johnson who is now a major pro-life campaigner!