Recently a priest spoke to me of the end-time prophesies and of Satan’s plan to destroy the family and to destroy priests!

Into this melting pot of fear come the lgbt community who by some are seen as agents of Satan to destroy the family, marriage, priests!

Sadly what many forget is that gay people are part of the family too and that they too are part of the church!

The real issue is that gay’s have never been properly integrated into the family of God in a loving and respectful way!

The result is that they are either ‘all in or all out’ and that the church can appear like a family for straight people only!

Gays are then seen as a threat to the church and family and even those who do become part of the church live in a great silence.

There are many celibate gay lay-people and priests who live in silence and fear!

So why are so many straight people afraid of gay people!

Surely if they were comfortable in their own selves they needn’t feel threatened by gays!

And besides, gays are never the majority so they hardly represent a real threat to marriage and family!

There are many advantages of being gay. Speaking for myself I have more time on my hands than if I was married with kids and so I’ve time to help others and participate more fully in church life!

On the negative can be the loneliness and not having one’s own family.

It seems to me that with a bit of love and understanding gay people could be seen as a great asset to the church and family and being gay could be seen as a gift rather than a cross!

And food for thought…if gay people were loved and integrated more into church and family life perhaps they’d be far less likely to create their own families through all these modern methods such as surrogacy etc.

Of course all this is not helped by 2000 years of almost complete silence on this topic by the church leading to fear, confusion and hurt!

But the best way to beat fear is to face it! The best way to beat confusion is to talk it through prayerfully and practically and the best way to heal hurts is to love!

And so I pray today for courage, wisdom and love for our church leaders so they may face these issues and break the hurtful cycle of fear, confusion and silence.

May nobody feel excluded from the family of God for who they are and for who they are not!