Good afternoon from “Bodyism”, a café near where I live which I visited for the first time yesterday!

Bodyism is more than a café, it’s a well-being centre promoting a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy diet!

If it wasn’t for the not so friendly staff I might have taken it more seriously!

However as I read their concept I was a little sad! Sad because so much of what they say is true and yet not a single mention of God or Jesus!

The concept of a healthy positive mindset leading to a healthy positive body is hardly new, in fact it’s the principle behind millions of pounds being spent on therapies!

The sad part is that people are led to believe that they can have a healthy mind with no God!

For me a healthy mind comes from prayer and God’s mercy. It comes from asking God to forgive me for my mistakes and afterwards doing my best to love others!

It comes from knowing that I’m loved and that I am doing something meaningful with my life!

Without God this is impossible and so “positive thinking” replaces grace!

Reciting mantras saying “I’m brilliant” and refusing to ask God for forgiveness breeds these positive people who quite often are heartless monsters!

Satan is no fool and so he’ll always promote ‘God-substitutes’ that will help you to become perfect without Jesus’ help!

True peace of mind and body can only come when we are at peace with God!

Still on a more positive note, a catholic version of this shop could be interesting!

Imagine healthy catholic spiritual teaching and prayer and then for the body some exercise classes with good food and a coffee afterwards!

It’s time for us believers to get creative and to reach out to the modern world in new ways without compromising on the truth of what we believe in!

Come Holy Spirit!