Today’s blog is about a little hobby-horse of mine, reading at mass!

I’ve just been to mass at 12.15 in a church I won’t name where I’ve never been before!

An elderly gentleman got up to read and I can honestly say I understood or heard nothing!

The word of God is alive yet everything about how he read screeched death!

The word of God is to be proclaimed boldly rather than whispered apologetically!

If I was there for the first time I’d think that Catholicism was the religion of death rather than life!

Now granted the man was old but even a corpse could have made more noise!!

So why? Is it a lack of training?

No! It’s a lack of prayer and conviction!

When we fall in love with God the Holy Spirit gives us faith and conviction and so when we pray and read it shows!

The same is true for priests when they preach or any of us really!

When our hearts haven’t been sufficiently touched by God, our faith and zeal becomes slow, sluggish or even dead!

We go through the motions with no enthusiasm or love! Even the angels cry!

And so what’s the answer?!

Personal prayer, regular examination of conscience, regular spiritual direction, inner healing retreats….

Just like keeping a fire going we have to continue to fuel our spirits less we go out!

So let us make time for God and allow Him to transform our hearts less we inflict our dead spirits and dead reading on our brothers and sisters like that elderly gentleman did this morning!

I’m still recovering!

Bless your day with prayer!