Good afternoon!

Yesterday with some friends we were discussing the presence of an image of Jesus with a rainbow flag around it at a gay pride event!

The image produced mixed reactions!

To the very conservative it is an abomination and because there are no gays in their church or families (yea right) they proceed with their religious nazism which like Hitler’s regime seeks to make our catholic church a place for the elite where gays have no place!

On the other end of the spectrum are the liberals! To them gay and everything gay is ok and they’d like to think that Jesus was gay and that heaven is some sort of giant orgy where everything goes!

And then somewhere in the middle are those who know that Jesus loves everybody regardless of their sexual orientation and that gays are included in this love!

Personally I like the image because while it causes controversy it also provokes discussion that simply has to happen!

Sexuality and people can not be explained away by theologians! It needs to be understood and people need to be loved by true followers of Jesus!

Traditionalists needn’t feel threatened if they truly know Jesus and are comfortable in their own sexualities and these discussions offer them an opportunity to better understand humanity, sexuality and ultimately to look in the mirror and face their own brokenness and hardness of heart!

So ya, Jesus should walk too at the gay pride as a light to the church and world of His love for all and an invitation to get to know Him, the best boyfriend of all!!

Have a gay day!! 😂😂