Good morning and happy feast of Christ the King!

Last night I was at a prayer evening with a group of young people from Ireland whose lives have been majorly changed by Medjugorje!

Sadly the common theme was suicide. One guy’s dad and brother took their lives while for another it was two of his best friends!

The guys were left bewildered and traumatised and went to Medjugorje looking for peace!

They did indeed find peace in Medjugorje and the grace to accept the tragedies of what happened without losing their faith!

Truly remarkable and a great testimony to the power of Jesus through Mary at Medjugorje!

Afterwards we got chatting and I joked about my experience of Medjugorje with the police being called and lies spread about me because of my life and sexuality!

They were surprised but not shocked! The gay issue is a hot potatoe and perhaps too controversial for conservative palates at Medjugorje.

Nonetheless it is an issue that will not just go away and an issue that causes many young people to commit suicide and priests and religious to lose their faith!

My prayer today on the feast of Christ the king is that Medjugorje will become even better and become a place of love, healing and acceptance for lgbt people seeking God.

May the Holy Spirit inspire Bishop Hoser, Fr. Marinko and all those in charge so that the love of Jesus may touch even more people and that there may be even more inspiring testimonies to share on Mary TV and in prayer meetings all over the world!

Bless you all!

Christ is king!