It is that time of year when people ask you “are you going home for Christmas” and when or if you say that you are not the “what about your parents” guilt-tripping starts!

My own experience has shown me that my parents will be fine but that my own sanity may not if I visited “home” for Christmas!

But on a deeper note, everything depends on what you call “home” and where in your heart you call home!

For me this is not Ireland or the small country village where I grew up. It served its purpose for my childhood but that’s well over!

I’ve learnt over the years to make home in my heart with God and to be at home all the time wherever I am!

It’s been 12 years since I spent Christmas at my parents house and I have enjoyed Christmas in France, India, Australia, Medjugorje and last year in Croatia!

In my heart I’ve always felt at home even if I know that I’ve often been judged harshly by many who do not understand my life!

For many people ‘home’ is not a comfortable place and Jesus does not force us to fit in where we are not accepted!

In these cases Jesus can give us new homes with new friends and family and teaches us to be happy and move on with life!

Some of course are blessed to have wonderful family situations. They should of course cherish and enjoy every second of it giving thanks to God for it while sparing a thought, a prayer or maybe even a dinner invitation for those less fortunate.

So maybe you are feeling a big pressure to ‘go home’ for Christmas and to be the good son or daughter! But discern it well! God may well be asking you to make home with Him in your heart and to stay right where you are!

So am I going home for Christmas?

Yes, in fact I never left and I’ll be spending it right here in London!

What about you?