Good morning!

Recently I’ve been following the activity of Donald Trump who famously coined the expression ‘fake news’!

Only a few days ago he put this image on his twitter account:

Superimposing his head on Rocky’s body he’s trying to show us his strength!

Another image I saw too!

Let the reader decide!

However it did get me thinking of Jesus!

The real Jesus is something like this!

He walks boldly on the troubled waters of life with authority and power!

Yet how often do we see him more like:

Which don’t get me wrong is very beautiful but somehow fails to communicate His power over every problem of this world!

Politicans are experts at making God’s out of men and powerless men out of God!

Jesus is no ordinary man! He is fully man, fully God meaning that He has more power than all the politicans and presidents of this world all put together!

So when we pray, let’s remember that we are not voting or placing our hopes in men! No! We are petitioning the high king of heaven who has power over all things!

Let us pray with faith and with confidence rejecting all ‘fake news’ that Jesus doesn’t exist or doesn’t care or has no power!

Jesus, we trust in you!