A few days I ago I went to confession!

I was talking to the priest about the church and being gay!

He gave me a very positive idea!

He was in no way advocating a gay lifestyle or denying the need for prayer and yet what he said was pastoral, prayerful, practical and peaceful (was running out of p-words there!).

“The church is very slow to change because it has to bring with it the conservatives but I never thought I’d see girls on the altar serving mass and look now…so in one or two hundred years the church may accept civil partnerships”.

Of course on one hand it’s disappointing to hear that as me or you will not live to see it….but on the other hand it’s hopeful and more in touch with the reality of the situation!

Sometimes God asks us to speak up and to be agents of change! Maybe it seems that we make no difference and we may well die without seeing drastic changes and yet our contribution paves the way and sets the foundations for those who will come after!

Of course not all change is good and this is where the conservatives curl up in fear! They are so afraid of making a mistake that they oppose all changes and then the church dies a slow death of spiritual suffocation!

For the liberals all change is good and this attitude can kill the church too in an equal but opposite poison!

And so as usual Jesus leads us through the narrow gate of prayer as He purifies us individually and as a body!

So let us pray for ourselves and for our church leaders that we may be docile to the Holy Spirit as He directs our lives, the church and the entire world!