Hello all!

Christmas is approaching and I’m looking forward to my uncle Thomas visiting for a week!

Last night a small group of us prayed together and it got me thinking this morning of my first job, a petrol pump attendant!

I had just turned 16, I looked about 10 (yes Don, it’s true) and I was earning £3 per hour (almost €4 euro)!

I used to work weekends and 20 hours would give me £60!

In a way it was a boring job but it was a busy garage and I always liked cars and people!

My role was to fill the petrol which basically involved just standing there and waiting for the petrol to flow!

It used to make me laugh that the same petrol was needed for a brand new car and an old banger and now 20 years later it’s like I’m back in the same job!

I stretch out my hand and God’s healing power flows through it into the other person! At times I say nothing and just wait!

Just as petrol goes into the car, empowering grace hits people’s souls and unblocks them, empowers them and frees them!

At times God shows me what is happening and what wounds and memories are being healed and at other times He shows me absolutely nothing and just like the petrol pump attendant I wait!

At times I get bored, at times my hand gets tired just like at the petrol pump but I have to wait until my hand cools down!

Although I joke about it, it’s a great privilege to see God heal people. Usually it’s progressive as wounds are deep and healing must be integrated afterwards with a person’s psychology and life!

However just like at the petrol pump, the same cars came every week when the fuel ran out and so too it is with people!

Of course after my career at the petrol pump I went on to study maths and I thank God that this technical training has allowed me to understand the world of spiritual healing in a very structured sort of way!

Still, as I think about it all I see that we really don’t need to understand that much only just let God do His thing and be nice to the customers which can be the greatest challenge of all!

And so here I am 20 years later from Ennis (Co. Clare, Ireland) to London and I’m still pumping fuel!

Moral of the story! Even through the most boring and seemingly insignificant jobs God is there teaching us something and one day we might look back on it and smile and say “now I get it”!

So trust! Trust blindly and even stupidly in the eyes of the world in the significance of your life, your work, yours ups, your downs because God will use it all for your good by growing you in wisdom, in virtue, in surrender and in humility!