Good morning!

It’s dry here in London despite being quite cold and a new family have come to join us in our room!

Toni wishes to save these little creatures from the guillotine, Seamus is neutral and quite frankly I want them gone!

And so as these little mice may be enjoying their freedom, it may be short lived!

This does make us think of freedom! If only those little mice were not guilty of trespassing they might live for longer!

In other words, if they stayed where they belong they’d be ok!

And how true this is with us too! God made us to enjoy our freedom within a certain framework but like the mouse, over-step the mark and there will be consequences!

Stealing will get you in prison, murder etc too.

So what then is the freedom that Jesus offers and how can us catholics be free if we have a thousand rules about what we can and can’t do?!!

The answer is easy!

Think of your native language, english in my case. Do you think of the grammar as you speak? Obviously not and yet there are thousands of rules that somehow you obey without knowing it!

Why? Because it’s intuitive and you know in your heart what is right because you’ve been speaking and listening for years!

When a foreigner makes a mistake you’ll pick it up immediately because it sounds wrong even though you mightn’t be able to explain to them why!

This is the type of freedom that Jesus wants to give us! The freedom for doing what is good and loving in His eyes so simply and effortlessly that like speaking our native tongue, we forget that there are any rules!

Of course this freedom takes time when it comes to a new skill!

I recall that when I arrived in France the first time speaking french made me tired and I had to think a lot as I spoke! It took years before I just spoke without thinking and now I don’t know if I remember half the rules as I just speak by what feels right!

And so it is with following the Holy Spirit!

It’s a new language, a new way of life and it takes time until it becomes effortless!

On the good days it’s great and we feel free! On the bad days nothing is working and we just want to go back to our old way of doing things!

However the good news is that the saints went before us and bit by bit as they became freer and freer they became more and more light and joyful and happy as the dark night gave way to the bright morning!

This is why Jesus speaks so much of perseverance because it’s so easy to just give up and go back to old habits but yet when we do that our inner self accuses us, we know that the easy way out is not the godly way out!

So what to do?

Persevere, trust, pray and bit by bit you’ll get freer and freer and one day what seems so difficult and burdensome to you now will be effortless, automatic and enjoyable!

Have a great day, must go now to buy a mousetrap!!